About Us

About Ani International

We like to think that IT does more than just develop websites or provides the security solutions. Indeed we offer many services vital to having the Computer work for businesses and individuals. We also have talented engineers, technicians, designers, content writers, animators and search engine marketing specialists making sure all the pieces come together. But what we really like is the technical side to development. We love to give complete solutions going through actual process of working and proper requirement analysis for perfect solutions.

Why Us

We are confident we can help you get the solution you want at a price you can afford for the quality.
We work with any budget and can produce results beyond your expectations.


Over the years, we at Ani International have successfully completed a wide range of projects for different industries and business sectors. The projects differ in their scope and duration. For all of the projects, we do our best to remain cost-competitive vendors, leveraging our technical expertise to provide outstanding services and deliver high quality solutions in time.


We have a simple and easy development process for prospective clients, whether or not you have gone through the process of development. We emphasize a personal and professional relationship with our clients starting with the initial understanding of client business and requirement.


Following our initial meeting, an in-depth proposal based upon information gathered during our meeting will be faxed, emailed or mailed to you. The proposal will cover development and design for areas of the website, along with cost and completion details. We can prepare the quote with components “ala carte” so you can selectively determine if they are necessary to your project while still keeping other ideas in tact.


Ani International possesses enough resources to successfully start, execute and complete a project of any size. Our technical infrastructure includes: office space, a comfortable workplace for each member equipped with robust hardware and up-to-date software, two broadband Internet connection, many telephone lines with many extensions & power backup. overall complete infrastructure have alternate options also to face any failure even in case of power, system, internet or anything else.


We begin work on your solution immediately upon receipt of a 25% development cost down payment.
In case of web solution If you don’t already have an existing solution, you can expect to see an “under construction” page within a couple of business days of receipt of initial payment. Your actual solution may take longer to develop and will not be published until after the review process has been completed.


After receiving the heads up from you, we will publish your site. We will also submit your page for inclusion to the major search engines, setup scheduled processes to create backups and site map generations